AAA Emergency Cell Phone

Any handset can be a AAA emergency cell phone as long as you sign up for AAA service and enter their number into your handset’s phonebook. If you want dedicated roadside assistance integrated into the phone, you have a couple of options.

Consumer Cellular

Consumer Cellular is the official cell phone provider. Benefits for AAA members include free roadside assistance calls and a 30% discount on accessories and a free pair of earbuds.

If you are an AARP member you will also get a discount on their phones, and they have a pretty good choice, ranging from the Motorola WX418 to a Motorola smartphone for $100. They also carry an especially easy to use Doro phone.


You can get a Jitterbug phone from GreatCall. Jitterbug phones are really easy to use, and you can also get some great additional features such as live nursing advice for a small monthly fee. This can be an advantage if you prefer paying monthly for the service rather than a yearly fee.

The Jitterbug phone will cost you $99. The higher price is due to the additional services available for this phone. Plans start at $14.99 per month.

Which one you choose as your may depend on other factors such as whether you make use of the other discounts they have on hotels, car rentals, etc. If you do, then stick with AAA and a Consumer Cellular phone, or just another phone with the AAA number in the phone book. If you think you want some additional emergency services, try a Jitterbug phone.

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Here are a few more options for staying safe.

Phones with Emergency Buttons

A few phones and devices come with special buttons in case of emergency.

The Doro phone offered by Consumer Cellular features a large button keypad and and emergency button on the back.

Another phone called the Just5 dials 5 numbers in succession in case of an emergency. AAA could be one of those five numbers.