Can I use my AT&T SIM card?

by sb (admin)

Q: Can I use my AT&T SIM card in this phone?
A: Sorry, I don't think so. Even though Net10 relies on either the AT&T (or T-Mobile) network for which they use GSM phones with SIM cards, the way they calculate airtime is a little different. The Net10 phones seem to have the airtime calculator in the phone itself. This calculator is still there even if you try switching out the SIM card.

AT&T, on the other hand, seems to calculate the airtime somewhere on their end. For example, after I place the first call of the day on a Nokia 2330, I get an on screen message that $2 has been deducted from my account (on the $2 a day plan).

I realize you would rather not have to buy a new phone, but they can actually pretty inexpensive these days, and it's easier to just recycle the old one.

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