Does it have long tone capabilities?

by Anonymous

Before I buy this phone, does it have long tone capabilities? My apartment can transfer the door gates and other access points directly to the phone, but I have to press 6 for an extended period (tone for 3-4 seconds) before the door/gate will unlock. Does the LG420 have long tone capability? Or do I have to use another phone? Thanks for any information!


Yes, I think it does have long tones. I just tested it by calling another cell phone and then after the call is connected, I pressed various different keys including the "6", and I heard different long tones at the other end depending on which key was pressed. I pressed the "6" key and counted up to 10, and the tone was still audible at the other end.

Unfortunately, I can't test it on an actual apartment security system. I do know that when I lived in a previous condo, one of the residents did ask to have the entrance system forwarded to their cell phone, and it worked fine for them. I have no idea what kind of cell phone it was however.

Hope this helps. I've transferred your question in a comment on another topic to its own separate page here to make it easier to find.

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