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When the LG Prime was released, people were curious about whether it addressed some of the shortcomings of the Neon. Overall reviews turned out to be positive though a few reported some problems after a few months of use.

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Love this phone :) 
So I got this phone a while ago and I like it a lot. It's easy to text on, love the conversation viewing for texting, takes good pics, call quality is …

Touch screen eventually stops working 
At first I really liked the phone, however I have owned 2 in less than a year and both of them had the same problem - the touch screen eventually stops …

Horror - Left side of screen stopped working 
i just purchased it 2 months ago. It was on sale for $99. It was a full touchscreen. It had everything i wanted in a phone. Just a few days ago the …

Problems with texting 
Got it a couple months ago and loved the phone (except the the lockup part). Over the next several weeks, text messages I was sending (receiving was fine) …

What about the touch screen? Not rated yet
I heard that the touch screen sucks. Is that true? ------------- Hi Celina, I believe it has a pressure sensitive touchscreen like those on a Nintendo …

Memory card keeps slipping out Not rated yet
Got this phone a few weeks ago, love it. Only thing I cant seem to figure out is why my memory card won't stay in the phone. Since I got it it will not …

Not a Fan Not rated yet
I've owned this phone for 2 months and I still can't find ways around it's limits. It locks on calling even in speaker mode when it's not near your …

Can I use a USB data cable with the LG Prime? Not rated yet
Q: Can I use a USB data cable with the LG Prime? A: You certainly can. If you can't or don't want to use the Prime's Bluetooth capability to transfer …

Can I use it with family plan instead? Not rated yet
Q: Can I use LG Prime Gophone with family plan? A: I don't know about the family plan in particular, but I have found two instances of people going …

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The 840g is also made by LG and has WiFi capability. The display is also a real touchscreen unlike the pressure-sensitive screen on the Prime.

On the other hand, the EX124g from Motorola not only has a screen that requires pressing, it even includes a rubber-tipped stylus for that purpose.