A Simple Device

by John Huff
(Westchester, NY)

I am so impressed with the Alcatel and the simplicity of its use. I originally purchased the phone as a Backup for my AT&T Smartphone. Now I am finding that the Smartphone stays on the charger while the Alcatel travels with me.

The long battery life, great call quality, FM radio, Great ringtones and a neat little flashlight that saved my toes more than once in the dark of night. They said this was designed for Seniors. Probably true, but anyone who would like to escape the email and web stresses but still would like have a phone for emergencies or just talk and text to family...This is it!

Great phone!

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Jul 12, 2013
help is easy
by: John Huff

Hello...just wanted to tell you that you can go onto YouTube and watch several videos that detail all the ins and outs of this phone.
It is very simple and straight forward once you figure out some of little quirks.
Enjoy it and use it in good health.

Jul 11, 2013
Phone needs more instructions!
by: Anonymous

I bought this phone from Tracfone for my father. I have a different model Tracfone that I am very pleased with. I had trouble activating this phone, and part of the directions I received were to enter '*0 on the code screen. I can see the bottom right button is for punctuation like the apostrophe, but nowhere can I find how to get it on the screen! Fortunately I got it activated anyway. But especially on a phone for seniors, they should realize not everyone knows how to input special symbols!

Other than that, this phone has all the fine features described on this website. But it really needs sites like this to tell you how to use your new phone!

May 23, 2013
After 30 days
by: John Huff

Hey it's me again. I have used the phone for 30 days now and only charged it 3 times. It definitely needs a case to protect the buttons that light up the screen and drain the battery.
The phone works great and I have no unpleasant issues with calls being dropped, etc., etc.

While walking with my 20 year old daughter we were listening to the FM radio that comes with the phone. She was so impressed with the quality of the sound WITHOUT earbuds, that she has ordered one as a backup to her smartphone which goes dead in one days use from battery discharge.
Once again...A great phone at a great price.

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