Accessories - three sources

by sb (admin)

You can find accessories for this handset from three good sources, but the Nokia USA store is NOT one of them. Accessories available include chargers, cases, skins, batteries, etc.

First Source: AT&T Wireless Online Store

You can get the accessories you want directly from AT&T either with your order or afterward. You can find a list of the accessories by going to the Nokia 2330 page, scrolling down and clicking on the accessories tab. The prices for the accessories do seem a little high compared to the other two sources.

Second: Cell Phone Shop

Next up is the Cell Phone Shop, an online cell phone accessory store. They carry accessories for a huge range of phones. Since the 2330 has been a popular phone around the world, there are a lot of accessories available for it. Their prices and shipping are pretty good.


There are also a few accessories at Amazon available for this phone. They even carry an unlocked version of the phone for $49 in case you wanted to use it abroad or with a GSM carrier other than AT&T. Among the nice accessories available are a couple of colorful silicone gel skins.

There are probably quite a few more sites that sell Nokia 2330 accessories, but these are a few options.

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