Auto key lock to prevent accidental Browser key press

by Larry
(Los Angeles)

Seems to always be the one that gets accidentally turned on. I'm now locking the keypad.

Hi Larry,

That's a good idea. That should be good enough for most people.

(Note: Go to Menu -> Settings -> Auto Key Lock to activate this.)

It doesn't always work for a klutz like me however. The Yes to Unlock key is the same key as what is the browser key after unlock. So sometimes I've accidentally pressed the button twice while unlocking and started up the browser anyway. D'oh!

I wish they had switched the "Unlock" and "Yes" buttons.

Can't Customize Navigation Keys

by Debra

Is it possible to customize the navigation keys? I know how to turn on the Toolbar widget to use the shortcut I need, but everything else I need is already assigned to a key. I'd simply like to change the right navigation key from Music to the Calendar.

If I turn on the Toolbar widget, it then replaces the up navigation key to activate the Toolbar and it is already set to Games and Apps for me. I'd rather not use the Toolbar and simply change the right key, if possible.

Hi Debra,

Sorry, I don't know of a way to re-assign the nav keys on the LG 500g. You can access the calendar with a three stroke sequence: -,C,T. You can also choose to display your calendar on the screen instead of the nav keys or toolbar by going to Menu -> Display -> Screen Theme -> Display Items and choosing Calendar. When you add an event on the main calendar, that date is underlined on the Calendar on the home screen.

sb (admin)

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Mar 12, 2012
Browser button
by: Larry

The browser button could be activated in your pocket. They should have made it such that you have to hit the menu key to then go to the browser.

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