Battery Consumption due to Pictures and Contacts?

by Richard B
(Long Island, New York)

Was wondering if the amount of contacts and/or pictures stored on the LG 420G or 440G has anything to do with the life of the battery?


I can imagine how memory management might be more complex if the memory is almost full in terms of storing new contacts or loading the contact list before making a call or text, it seems relatively less than the power that the radios would consume.


On the other hand, if having more pictures or contacts means that your screen is turned longer for viewing or selecting then that could certainly lead to more power use.

Earlier, you had asked about the lack of an automatic slideshow feature on the 440g. If that also meant that you viewed picture longer on the 440g combined with its larger screen-size would also also explain any differences in battery use.

Those are just some guesses.

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May 13, 2015
by: sb

If the phone is on (able to receive and make calls) then it is on so-called standby mode and it uses the battery to maintain the connection to the network.

Even if the phone is turned completely off, then it still uses a tiny bit of power to operate its internal clock (so that it can set off the alarm for example).

May 13, 2015
Battery Charging
by: Richard Baratta

The battery indicator shows a full charge. I re-charge the battery when it's fully discharged, so I don't build up a short-term memory. But recently, I noticed that the battery discharges even though I don't use the phone. This happens over a few days. Is this normal?
This is for the LG420G Tracfone.
Thanks for any feedback.

May 12, 2015
Battery life
by: Emotionalzombie7997

I know that if you have a wallpaper that moves it will use your battery life almost 2 times as fast than if you just have a normal picture.

Remember that a cell phone battery can be charged between 300 and 500 times. A cell phone battery will lose the ability to charge fully over time.

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