Bluetooth works just fine

by Walt

After reading several postings on the net regarding the phone's bluetooth features, I have to assume that postings such as yours, that state that you CAN NOT download via bluetooth are made because you haven't actually tried using the phone.

I own the em326g and Bluetooth works just fine for transfers to and from a PC. You do not have to own a USB transfer cable nor a MicroSD card. You can BT directly to phone memory.

Please, in the future, when reviewing products...please state if your "info" is first hand or merely unsupported fluff.

Bluetooth to Mac

by Michael
(Appleton, Wisconsin, USA)

Just received this phone. Need assistance with the steps required to download pictures from the phone to my MacBook either through Bluetooth or USB connection.

When I plug in the USB cord from the computer to the EM326g it immediately says "Charging". When I attempt to download using Bluetooth it finds my Macbook but then says "unable to connect". I am 60 years old. First cell phone ever. Need step by step of the process. Thank you.

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