Caller ID shows complete stranger's info

If I call someone the caller ID name that comes up is a complete stranger and not my name, apparently this person had this number prior to me, is there anyway to have my name come up on the caller ID?


When I call from my cell phones, all that shows up is "Wireless Caller" and then the phone number. Only when someone adds me to their contacts do I show up as a name. I briefly read through the Caller ID article on Wikipedia, but I don't really understand it well.

From what I understand, the phone just sends the number, and the phone company has to look up the number in their database to attach an ID. I'm guessing that in the case of prepaid phones, the fact that Tracfone has to deal with AT&T, T-Mobile, etc., means that it's less likely that the required info would make it to where it's needed.

Still, you could try and contact them to see if that information can be entered.

Sorry I can't be of more help. I'll update my reply when I find out more.


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