Charging anomaly and solution

by sb (admin)

There seems to be a charging anomaly on this handset. If you plug in the charger while the phone is on, it doesn't seem to charge. The bars on the battery indicator do not blink. For example, if the battery shows three bars, and you plug in the charger, a couple of hours later it still shows three bars.

However, if I turn the S275g off and plug in the charger, the phone starts to charge and charges normally. This presented a dilemma, because you can't really have the phone turned off for hours at a time if people need to reach you.


The solution, is to turn the phone off, plug in the charger until the charging symbol comes on, and then turn the phone back on. When you do that, once the phone is on, the battery indicator bars start blinking again showing that the phone is indeed charging.

Once charged, it does hold the charge on standby for days on end. Overall, a bit of a pain, but not too bad.

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