Cricket Cell Phone Plans

Affordable Unlimited Plans and 5G Smartphones

Unlimited Cricket cell phone plans can cost as little as $30 per month for single line and 5GB data, and as little as $25 per line per month for unlimited data when you have four or five lines on your account.


Cricket was acquired by AT&T, and coverage is now provided through AT&T's networks. If you already were a Cricket customer before the acquisition, you may still be on the previous CDMA network.

Cricket Coverage Map

You can check Cricket coverage here for talk, text and data.


Talk and Text Plan $25

The $25 unlimited talk and text plan includes voicemail and call waiting. However, there is no web or picture messaging. In addition you can't use the Cricket International package to save money on international calls and texts, and you can't use the additional line discount.  

Unlimited Plans

Three unlimited plans called Basic, Smart and Pro all include unlimited talk, text and 3G data. In addition, they include varying amounts of high-speed 4G data. The amounts of high-speed data for the $40, $50 and $60 plans are 500 MB, 1 GB and 2 GB respectively. There is a $5 auto pay discount that lowers the effective prices to $35, $45 and $55.

Additional high-speed data cost $10/GB.

Additional Line Discounts - $100 Per Month for Five Lines

You get an increasing $10 discount for every line (up to five) you add to your account. So, for example, if you add an additional two lines you get a $30 from a $10 discount for the first line and a $20 discount for the second line.

If you have five lines then assuming a $50 plan, you only pay a total of $100 for those five lines or $20 per month per line which is pretty good!

International Cricket Cell Phone Plans

International Texts

The Smart and Pro plans include international texts.

You can add international texting to the Basic unlimited plan for $5 per month or you can add the Cricket International plan to any unlimited plan for $5 a month to also get unlimited calls to landlines in 35 countries.

For $15 per month, the Cricket International Extra plan adds 1000 minutes of calls to international cell phones in additional to unlimited landline calls.

Free Calls to Mexico on $50 Plans. Messages, too.

You now get free calls to Mexico (both landlines and cellphones) on plans costing $50 and up. You also get unlimited text and picture messaging.

Previously, there was a different Mexico plan which included a bucket of minutes and the ability to set up a local number in Mexico so that your friends and relatives could pay local rates.

Music for $6 a Month

You can get ad-free music streaming from the Deezer music service for $6 a month with a 15-day free trial.

Additional Charges?

No more Activation Fees

There are no longer any activation fees when you first sign up for a Cricket cell phone plan.

Roaming Fees

There should be no more roaming fees in you're on the new network. Roaming fees may still be possible on the old network.


Bring your Own

While this page focuses on the plan, you do need to use a phone with it! You can bring your own AT&T-compatible GSM phone or buy a phone from Cricket.

4G Smartphones

There is a good selection of 4G smartphones from ranging from $50 for a Nokia Lumia 630 or ZTE Sonata to $650 for an iPhone 5S (with the iPhone 6 presumably coming at some time). There is a $50 rebate in the form of a prepaid Visa card which brings the overall cost of the Lumia 630 or ZTE Sonata down to zero.

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