Customer Service problems on AAA phone order

I had been looking for an updated phone and pay-as-you go plan - previously using AT&T. I received a promo from AAA for their Tracphone/Net10 plans and after extensive research and several phone calls to AAA, chose a Tracfone Samsung T404G.

I received the phone and got ready to activate online but the paperwork directed me to the Net10 site to activate - which made no sense since I had ordered Tracfone. The Samsung T404G is available with both plans. So I called customer service - or I should say customer no service.

I was sent to India, put on hold forever, finally gave up because the person on the other end of the line barely spoke English and could not understand the problem. I called AAA (very knowledgeable, responsive - and sympathetic I might add) who said that there had been a mistake, I had ordered the Tracfone 404G but had been set up for Net10 404G. They also informed me that they only SOLD the phone and I would have to go back to customer service (India) to get it fixed.

So I decided I would give customer service the benefit of the doubt and try again. Oh, my gosh, this was even worse, again long hold times in between being passed up the chain of supervisors (I never actually spoke to anyone who could fix anything), bad connection and I could hear a ton of people talking in the background.

I gave up - realizing that if I was having this difficuly just trying to activate the phone - I did not want this phone service. It has been boxed up and will be returned tomorrow. I am out shipping charges and several hours of my time but hopefully will get my credit card refunded for the phone.


Sorry to hear of your problems. Tracfone has made some deals to sell their phones through various outlets: AAA, HSN, etc. This seems to have complicated their customer service. I haven't had too many problems when ordering direct from their website.

I'm not familiar with the promo offer, but it appears from your description, that it was AAA who complicated the order. As for Tracfone's customer service locations. I've gotten service from call centers in the Philippines and Guyana, and have had no problem understanding them each time. The process, however, can be frustrating as the reps are pretty adamant about following their script.

sb (admin)

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