Downloading the Kaywa QR reader ?

by heather

Kaywa QR reader takes snapshot

Kaywa QR reader takes snapshot

I tried googling it and found a site, but when i select Motorola on the download page it doesn't have this phone listed.

Hi Heather,

You're right, the EX124g isn't listed but you can still download the app. Using your web browser on your phone, go to the URL:

and there you'll have to choose among these Motorola phones (as of today): KRZR V3, various version of the Razr, and the W395. I just chose the W395 and was taken to a page with a small "Click here to download link. The KaywaReader.jar file was 316 KB and took about 20 seconds to download. Once downloaded, I said "yes" to install and chose to install it on the memory card rather than the phone. The whole process took me about two minutes, even though I went slowly, taking notes so that I could report back here.

Launching the App

To use the reader, you launch the app and click on the take Snapshot and then the app again asks for permission to use the camera so you have to press OK again (this is the only real hassle of this app). Then once it reads the code, you can go to the encoded web site at which point the app launches the web browser and shuts itself down.

Reading QR Codes

Using the Kaywa reader, I was able to read the test QR codes on Kaywa's website when I displayed them on my computer screen. The code pointed to a German site (see pics). I also pointed the phone at and was able to read a QR code in a magazine for a local orthodontist in Northern Virginia.

Reading Bar Codes

I was NOT able to read any traditional bar codes with the straight lines using this app, though I don't think it was designed to do that anyway.

Kaywa Reader Settings

If you go into the menu, you can set an option for "Close-up" which may come in useful for reading blurry images or images from a newspaper which are not always that clear.

Hope this helps.

sb (admin)

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Oct 23, 2014
Download Kaywa QR Code Reader
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your introduction for this Kaywa QR Code Reader. I searched for it in google and found it in the Google Play.

Dec 09, 2011
Switch IMAP modes
by: sb (admin)

The Switch mode refers to how you connect to the IMAP mail server. POP mail servers just have an offline mode where they retrieve the mail and then disconnect. IMAP servers have both and offline and an online mode. The default mode is offline, but you can "switch" to online mode.

I don't understand all the details, but you can read more about it here:

When you hit the switch mode option, the phone connects to the mail server. This uses up a little bit of airtime. I don't really know if staying in that online mode means that you continue to use airtime or not, but it's something to watch out for unless you're using the Net10 unlimited version of the phone.

Dec 09, 2011
Love the phone but what is SWITCH MODE
by: Anonymous

I got the EX124g about a month ago and am very happy with it. It does all that I want. I did notice that when I download email's it takes forever, so I doubt if I'll use that feature very often. I wear a men's size large glove and have no problems with the keyboard-have never used the stylus. I do have a question out of curiosity. I go to Messages, then hit EMAIL, then at DOWNLOAD I say NO and get the EMAIL list. One of the items is SWITCH MODE. Just curious what this does.

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