Fb app on this phone?

by Chris

facebook app jar in LG 420g

facebook app jar in LG 420g

Is this downloadable with Lg420g?

Hi Chris,

Before I answer your question I just want to point out that you can access Facebook via the mobile web browser on this phone. Now as to whether you can use the mobile app on this phone, the answer, for me, was no.

I downloaded the mobile app for the phone but I wasn't able to install it due to restrictions placed on the phone. Seeing whether I could fix that let me to a forum post on another site about installing the Opera browser on this phone. It turns out that you need to add a couple of line to something known as the manifest file in the java archive (jar) in order to remove those restrictions.

I did that and was able to install and launch the app. That, however, was as good as it got.

Once the app launched, it began by testing the connection. In the process, I got several alerts that this could cost me airtime, and I had to keep confirming it was okay. Finally the app said my phone was not correctly configured. The error message was that my phone kept asking permission for each internet connection and that was not acceptable.

Finally, I looked on the phone to see if there was a way to turn this feature off, but I didn't find one.

So, close but no cigar. Perhaps, someone else has taken it a step further. See some screenshots above.

sb (admin)

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