Fell apart in my hand

I only had this phone for 3 months, and already loads of problems. About a week after I got my phone I noticed that I could not access the web browser.

So I thought No big deal. I call Net10 service, and even though customer service must have said over the phone 100 times "The issue will be resolved in 24 hours" it ONLY took 3 weeks to get the web browser working and be able to download ringtones and graphics.

A month later, the volume switch on the side fell off, and won't snap on. A paper clip seemed to be as of solution to this. But now when I slide the phone close even very gently, the phone's screen starts flashing white, and restarts itself.

I will be getting a new phone, but it will not be a Motorola.

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Apr 16, 2010
Net10 Support Tech SUCKS!!
by: Anonymous

I have a to go phone - bought 30 days of service and the main menu says that I have 30 days of service and 300 minutes. Everytime I make a call it says" if this is an emergency call 911" and when someone calls in it says "this phone is not in service". So I call the Tech/help line 1 877 836 236 8105 I of course get India. I spent almost 2hrs. on my landline speaking to "Bob" aka Jamal Malik. Finally all I had to do was "clean my sim card??!!" Thats what you get for buying a to go phone, or maybe its just net10. I dont care if you buy an Iphone or a to go phone customer service is what makes them.
The moral of the story, its always the same, you get what you pay for!!!!

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