Full Manual (Canadian Version)

Here is a site where you can see a Full User Manual. Hope this helps other non-techno savy LG phone users.



Thanks for the link. That site also gives a direct link here:
Full LG 420g Manual

One caveat. This is for the Canadian version of this phone which is apparently sold by Rogers Wireless - hence the reference to the Rogers Mall. Some things are different. In particular, it looks like this version of the phone has a memory card slot, but that functionality is not there in the Tracfone version of this phone.

One thing that's still lacking in this manual is how to access the "shortcuts". If you go to Menu -> Settings -> Phone Settings -> Set Shortcuts, you can assign shortcuts to various menu items. However, I still don't know how to access those shortcuts!

Still, overall, this version of the manual should be a little more help than the abbreviated US version. So, thanks again.

sb (admin)

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