Good deal for parents and kids

by Melissa

My husband & I recently made the switch. Fairly happy we did. Most everyone we know is on the same network, so at $.99/day (only when we use it) we can speak unlimited to one another and ANYONE ELSE on Verizon (Prepaid or not). For $10/mo we can have unlimited text too with any other VW customer, plus 250 'other' carrier messages.

It works well for us. When our kids are ready for cell phones - this will be the way we go, because you can also program the phones to not allow calls unless from certain numbers. Would be a great way to control your spending for when they want a cell phone.

Perfect for the kids

by Leigh
(Lafayette, TN, USA)

These are perfect for parents like me! Phone plans tend to be a little too expensive for your average teenage child, yet some parents (such as myself) refuse to just pay their child's bill because it is not a necessity.

My son uses his own allowance to pay for his phone bill, or rather, buy his minutes. Most children use text--- A LOT! They don't make very many calls, so Verizon's .99/day only when you use it is perfect! Before the introduction of paying only on the days you used the phone, having a prepaid would cost $30/month, even if you never used it.

Now, my son can buy a $10 text plan, and that's all his phone costs for the month (unless he makes calls). And, if he loses his phone, which he does a lot, they are inexpensive to replace.

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Mar 20, 2015
prepaid plans
by: robert in tennessee

a phone bill is a phone bill regardless of how u pay it. do the math n works out the same the best thing about prepaid is there are no contracks.

Apr 09, 2009
by: Melissa

I totally have to agree with you, most of our family & friends have Verizon, so the unlimited calling/texting for .99 cents a day works out awesome for us too!

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