Good For Calls & Takes Nice Photos

by mikey

Photo taken using LG 430g phone

Photo taken using LG 430g phone

Got mine at Walmart. Very good on phone calls. Takes nice photos. Easy to bluetooth photos to p.c. Good battery life. Nice size phone, easy to carry. Large screen and good keypad, easy to use.

Many of these phones, mine included, have a defect in the data programming. You cannot send or receive mms picture messages. Web browsing does not work either. (You cannot connect.) It's a programming error in the phone or the SIM. Can be fixed by calling tracfone. At least that's what I have read on other reviews.

I do not like using tracfone customer service, so I just went ahead and replaced it with the LG440g phone. That solved my data problems, and I put the 430g in the kitchen drawer.

Some may work correctly out of the box, some won't. Do you feel lucky? If you do, this can be a nice phone. Just be aware of the possible problem with this phone. Otherwise you might go "nuts" attempting to connect to the web. Good Luck!

Missed calls

by no name
(Atlanta )

Hi. I have the 430G. I bought this phone and discovered after 3 weeks that I missed allot of calls. 1 in 3 calls would ring once, but I would never hear the ring then go to voice mail. The only way I know I had a call was the voice mail alert sound. I thought that maybe I had a bad phone.

The store would not let me return it. But based on the great reviews, I just bought another. The new one is doing the same thing. Is there a software update that could maybe fix this? I know I have a good signal. Does anyone else have this problem or have any ideas. Thanks.


Sorry, I didn't have this problem when my phone was still active. The only thing I can suggest is to check whether the Call Reject is on.

Menu > Settings > Call > Call Rejection List

If it is, then unknown callers or numbers may be sent straight to voicemail. However, since it's happened with two phones, I don't think that's the problem.

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Jul 29, 2013
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It's true, the original guest reviews or questions do not have a date attached - that's missing from the system. However, the subsequent comments such as yours do.


Jul 29, 2013
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Can comments include the date posted so we know how current they are??

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