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Any Additional Taxes and Fees for Airtime Purchases? 
I received the following question via the feedback form: Q: I'm wondering about the prepaid plans versus just buying a minutes card. I think with the …

Two dollar plan 
The ATT Gophone two dollar plan is a pretty good deal compared to the standard unlimited talk and text plan which costs $60 a month. On the two dollar …

Thinking of Switching plans 
I have had service for four years and really have had no complaints - the few times I lost rather than rolled over minutes it was my fault for not paying …

Use SIM card with iPhone 
I bought a used, unlocked Apple iPhone 3G from a guy on Craigslist. I also bought a Nokia 2610 GoPhone from an AT&T store. It came with free minutes almost …

Want to reactivate my daughter's Nokia phone Not rated yet
I want activate this Nokia phone. My daughter sent it to me. She moved to Australia. She bought a new phone there. This is deactivated. I have a flip phone. …

Strange 70 cent charges on the $2 plan Not rated yet
My friend has the $2 a day plan, but occasionally he is charged 70 cents out of the blue, and we cannot figure out what he is being charged for. Sometimes …

What info is available in my Account History? Not rated yet
Q: What info is available in my Account History? A: You get a lot of detailed information when you login to your account online including information …

What's my Account Number? Not rated yet
Q: What's my Account Number? A: I see this question show up every now and then, but the answer is pretty simple: it's your phone number. When you activate …

Mobile Email Not rated yet
You can access most providers via the Mobile Email link from the main menu. The only provider missing is Google, so you have to access Gmail via the web …

Hidden charges while browsing for ringtones Not rated yet
Dropping the phone. They hide charges until it is too late to avoid them. If you browse on the AT&T site for ringtones or wallpaper you get charged while …

Miscellaneous Customer Reviews Not rated yet
Hated it in Texas by Deon Gordon I Live in Forest Hill, Tx right outside of Fort Worth. The phone was horrible. The fees were outrageous. Also, …

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