Happy Page Plus Customer

by RMF

I have been a PagePlus customer for several months and I have been very happy with their service. Having read many complaints against PagePlus I have come to the conclusion that much unhappiness is caused by people who do not read the details or instructions. I have never had any problem reaching customer service quickly and they always strive to resolve any (minor) issues I have.

I have had SimpleMobile and they NEVER provide customer service. I was not happy with H2O either for the same reason. PagePlus is a good company, but you have to READ the information on their site. Otherwise, you are going to have a problem and they won't be able to fix it for you. I hope to be a PagePlus customer forever.


Problems with Samsung U740

by Alabamacutie

I bought a page plus samsung u740 last week 08/04/2010 and have had nothing but problem's with it. It hasn't worked right since day one and the dealer refuses to refund my money for the phone and Pageplus's customer service people aren't friendly at all and not very help full I would not recommend page plus to any one they are a rip off.

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