Have used them for years

by Don Kennedy
(Sugar Grove, NC USA)

I have used them for years and have always had good service. You have so many options and you never have a big bill coming in. You buy what you need. I am sold on them and have switched many people over. The only problem I have had is getting set up with voice mail, which I still do not understand how to do. Other than that I love my Net10 phone.

Hi Don,

Glad you're happy with your service. Regarding your voicemail, if following the instructions doesn't work, then you can call Net10's customer support (1-877-836-2368) and have them reset it for you.

Note, though you don't have to deal with it, the voicemail system is basically routed through to the network carrier. So if you have a GSM phone, you really end up using AT&T's or T-Mobile's voicemail system. If you have a CDMA phone (ending with the letter C) you end up using Verizon's voicemail system. Finally, if you have one of their Android phones it uses Sprint's system.

sb (admin)

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