Hi! I have a question (about ringtones)

by Sadie

Can you record on the phone a ringtone or what you want to be a ringtone and set it as a ringtone?? I really want one and it would help if someone knows.

How to download new ringtones?

by Ringtoner

I want to download a feed ringtone. I have it in my computer and transferred it to the phone via Myxer as a text message. How do I add it to the phone's ringtones? How do I download ringtones from websites, such as Zedge?

Hi Ringtoner,

I don't whether that receiving a ringtone from Myxer via a picture msg will work. However, Myxer also allows you to download the ringtone as an MP3 file to your PC. Once you have that file, you can transfer it to your phone via bluetooth and then set it as a ringtone. I realize that's not as convenient.

Zedge also lets you download the ringtone to PC. They also let you download it via the mobile web by going to m.zedge.net/zcode and (after choosing your phone) typing in the zcode. The 420g is on the list of LG phones. (Note I didn't have time to go ahead and actually try downloading a ringtone).

Hope this helps. Good luck on getting that ringtone.


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Apr 07, 2011
Designated Ringtones
by: AvonSeattle

I'm wondering if this model you can designate ringtones to specific people. Being that it's a prepaid, I want to know who's calling without having to get the glasses out to look at the screen (like when sleeping).

I recorded my GrandDaughter's voice on the voice recording and tried to set it up for her Mommy's ringtone when Mommy calls me, but it changed the ringtone for all calls.

Feb 24, 2011
ringtone ramps up
by: Anonymous

I llike everything about this phone EXCEPT the crappy ring (that you cannot change). This phone ramps up the volume on an incoming ring. the first 3 are so soft I miss most of my calls to vocemail. Wht a rotton feature... I am looking for another phone after 4 weeks of this nonsense. After 130 contacts put in the hard way (thetracfone way) buyer beware!

Jan 02, 2011
recording ring tones
by: Helen

I really liked the ringtones of my old phone so I recorded my fovorite with the voice recorder and set it as the ringtone for my LG 420g. It works really well.

Nov 15, 2010
Upload ringtones via Bluetooth or use voice recorder
by: sb (admin)


You can upload mp3 files via Bluetooth from a PC and then use it as a ringtone.

You can also use the voice recorder to record a sound, song or voice. You can then set that as a ringtone, text message alert or even as startup or shutdown sounds.

The microphone picks up the voice pretty well, but I don't know how well it would do for music.

I've tried both of the above methods, and they work.

You should also be able to sending a small mp3 file as part of an MMS msg and try setting that as a ringtone, but I haven't tried it.


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