How many reception bars is adequate to receive calls?

by mike

Lg 420g signal bars full strength

Lg 420g signal bars full strength

How many do I need to get reception inside my office? What is the max number of bars that the phone offers?

Hi Mike,

Sorry to be late in responding. I would guess that as long as you had at least one signal bar you could at least connect a call, though the voice quality would probably not be that great. I believe the maximum number of signal bars is five as you can see in the attached photo (I'm in a good coverage area now).

You didn't mention how many signal bars you were getting or whether you are able the make and receive calls (I guess there's some problem or you wouldn't have asked). If you've got signal and can't make any calls, I suggest calling customer support as there may have been some problem during activation.

sb (admin)

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