How to delete voicemail message without being charged?

by Conrad
(Bellingham, Wa. USA)

Great little phone except when I get voicemails from telemarketers, I get dinged for it, because the only option is CALL. How do I delete it w/o being charged?

Hi Conrad,

Thanks for you question. That does sound like a pain. One option that may be useful to you is to check (and delete) your voice mail from a landline. The procedure for doing that is given on Tracfone's site.

For your convenience here are the instructions:

Call your (AT&T or T-Mobile based?) TracFone from a landline phone and press the star key when the voicemail kicks in. Then enter your PIN and pound (#). Then follow the menu prompts.

Hope this helps.

Responding to automated answer systems

by Tracfone user

I sometimes call businesses with automated answering that require a keypad entry to an audible prompt:

e.g. "Thank you for calling XYZ Company customer service, Press 1 for English, Press 2 for Spanish"

How do I send keypad responses to automated answering systems? I have never figured that out.

I have had this phone since 11/08. Most of the time it is in my backpack, turned off. I got it for emergencies, and for quick informational calls. It has served that purpose well. A good basic phone that is there when you need it. I have my wired copper phone at home for hours-long friend & family conversations, and for the occasional call to a business automated answer system.

I have made use of the calculator, and played the games when stuck in a waiting room.

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