J2ME problems -file access function is locked

by Catguy

This has the MIDP2.1 java support, and apps such as OperaMini that I have installed work - with one problem. The java JSR-75 file access function on this phone is LOCKED, which means a great many of the apps available on the web don't work on it.

None of the file-manager type apps work on the LG 500g; some won't install, some install but hang on launch, some run but can't do anything, because file access is blocked. Book readers don't work because they can't access files external to the app, games that save or use support files don't work, etc,etc.

Am I doing something wrong, or is there some way around this? Thanks!

Hi catguy,

Thanks for your question. You know more about this than I do, but I'll look into it.

sb (admin)

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