Java Apps can't access the internet?

by Emanuel
(Indiana, USA)

Apps show up under

Apps show up under

First, let me start by saying how great this phone is for basic uses (like calling, texting, web, etc.), but I'm a person that loves to get the most out of my phone so I have this problem that's driving me crazy! I've only seen 2 other people with the same problem that haven't found a solution & it's because no one brings it to the spotlight.

Well here it is...
I downloaded two great apps (UC Web Browser & YouTube) to my T401G, but when I access them from "My Games" they can't be used after they are opened.

Example 1: On UC Web's main page it says "Connection failed" after the app loads. (3rd Picture)
Example 2: When I open YouTube's app it shows that it's loading, but it NEVER stops loading. It exactly says, "Connecting... Connecting to YouTube. This may take a few seconds." (4th Picture)

How do I enable the connection to Java Apps? Someone please help & thank you!

PS: Somebody named Alison also asked about this type of problem on this site, but his/her was with a radio app which I'm guessing used Java & he/she couldn't use the radio for its intended purpose most likely because of the same 'no connection' reason.

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