Can Jitterbug Go Red for Women

Phone with Daily Heart Health Tips

Can Jitterbug Go Red for Women? Jitterbug (now GreatCall) has joined the American Heart Association’s campaign for better heart health awareness for women. According to the latest statistics, one-third of all women still die of heart disease, many at a young age. The goal of the campaign is to reduce, "death and disability from cardiovascular disease and strokes by 20% while improving the cardiovascular health of all Americans by 20% by the year 2020."

2014 Update

As of 2013, the Go Red campaign reports that 34 percent fewer women now die from heart disease. So the 20 percent goal has already been met!

Companies get Involved

Companies generally help raise money by producing consumer items that are branded with the Go Red campaign. So, for example, you can get a free subscription to Martha Stewart’s Living magazine if you donate $50 or you can buy a little Go Red dress from Macy’s.

Jitterbug J (Red)

So What About Greatcall?

GreatCall has done a couple of things to take part in this campaign

$500,000 Donation

GreatCall has made an upfront donation of $500,000 to the education campaign. The Go Red for Women education campaign has many parts.

There are, of course, videos by the famous promoting the campaign. They’ve also focused on a few representative women who will be blogging about the journey to better heart health. These women talk about the steps they’ve taken and are taking to live healthier. Interestingly all the women are relatively young, but some have already had heart health issues. In addition, the campaign encourages everyone to sign up and speak up, join their Facebook fan page and write on the "Wall".

Signing up for Go Red

Once you sign up, you can get many benefits. You get a Heart Checkup that goes over the facts you need to know about heart health. Then you get a guide that explain how to Talk to Your Doctor about them. You can participate in many “Go Red” events in your vicinity, and take part in National Go Red Day on Feb 5th. You can join the Better U twelve-week online nutrition and fitness program to get coached to better health. You get to ask heart specialists about the latest information. Plus you get some great healthy cooking recipes. You can Sign up for Go Red for Women here.

One of the most important things you can do is share all this information with others. This is where Jitterbug steps up.

The Go Red Phone

The phone comes in red so you get an attractive phone to show your support. More importantly, when you buy this Jitterbug phone, you will automatically get Heart Healthy Tips direct from the American Heart Association.

The first version of this phone was the Jitterbug J. Next came the Jitterbug Plus and the 5. A red version of the "Smart" is not yet available.

Share Heart Health Tips

It’s then easy to share these heart health tips with those you love by simply forwarding the tips.