Jolt okay, just okay. Customer service is terrible!

by Roxanne
(Covina, CA, USA)

If you want a phone for data, don't even bother with JOLT. I have paid $50 for the 200GB of data. I have an iPhone 3gs, and it does not pick up any data at all from JOLT. I have to use wireless from other sources to get online. I tried calling customer service, but they are NO help, and rude, and they cannot hear crap. I don't know where they are located, but it must be somewhere extremely far away.

I cannot send, or do not get picture or video text's at all. I also cannot send mass text's to more than one person. Customer service was no help with this issue either. Don't believe me? Try them, they are a joke!

A good thing about JOLT is I didn't have to unlock or jailbreak my iphone to use their sim card. The phone coverage seems good, I hardly drop any calls. I don't travel much, but I believe you could travel around the country with JOLT, and for a little more you could travel to different countries.

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