Just purchased a Samsung Slider

by Vicky Taber
(Brownwood Tx)

Just purchased a Samsung slider for $80 at WalMart, 300 minutes included, all was good until I went on this website to find out I could have gotten one for $25 and 750 minutes.

I am going to purchase the unlimited for $50. But that's 50 dollars i could have saved to purchase the unlimited. Doesn't seem right. My fault should have shopped around!!! Are there any codes or coupons for after a purchase?

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Aug 23, 2011
texting overseas on the samsung slider
by: Anonymous

under the use and rules button at bottom of net10 and trac phone sites...it states that with the samsung sliders and some of the other phones (don't recall all of them) that texting overseas is not allowed. Doesn't seem fair NET10.... "not" to make it more obvious on your site and packaging, and try to drag it way down into the middle of your use and rules page. Nope not fair at all..to all your loyal customers.... like maybe some military spouse etc. who could maybe only keep in touch by texting!

I have been a customer for 4 years and will continue to do so ... but maybe you could reconsider this rule? For all the people who love
your phones?

Dec 10, 2010
Texting overseas
by: Paula

I had serious troubles with Net 10 porting my phone number from my old Net 10 phone to my Samsung T401G slider phone. Customer service, while friendly enough, really seem inadequate at anything but very simple troubleshooting. My new phone was unusable from Monday until Late Thursday night. Could not make or receive calls.

So that issue is now resolved, but I have a new problem; I would text my friend in Australia all the time on my old phone. Using the exact same numbers on this new Samsung phone, it won't let me text. I get some cryptic message (error 43 or something) My friend can text me no problems and even if I hit reply to her text, I get the same error message. I'm tempted to take the phone back, it's so frustrating. The numbers are right. Any ideas?

Nov 11, 2010
Don't feel too bad
by: sb (admin)


We all hate to miss a deal, but don't feel too bad. The $25 reconditioned Samsung slider phone usually sells out pretty fast when it's available.

In fact, the ones you get direct with the free 750 minute card no longer come with the 300 minutes free.

Still, it's a good phone, I'm using one myself (which I also bought at full price).

The Net10 coupon codes I know of are only valid on direct phone and accessory purchases from Net10's website, and I don't think there are currently any rebate type offers.

Thanks for your comments.


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