LG 225 Camera Phone Picture

A while back, I borrowed my wife's LG 225 camera phone for a second while we were walking in a local rose garden.

Note: This phone is no longer available. The information below is for reference and comparison.

Here's the photo. Other than what looks like my finger getting in the way at the bottom, it's not a bad picture. (At the time, I used a Motorola C261 if you want to compare a similar generation of phone.)

rose taken with lg 225 camera

Pics to PC

Sending the Photo

After taking the photos, I needed to send the pics to my PC. i.e., to my email address so that I could post one here. The way to do that is via an "Multimedia" message, otherwise known as MMS.

MMS Picture Message

To send a photo from your LG 225 to an email address, you first have to create an email contact in your address book.

Adding an Email Contact

To do this add a contact name. You could add the word "email" after the name to remind you that it's an email contact.

Then scroll down the options. Go past "Mobile", "Home" and "Office" until you get to "Email".

Then enter the email address. It's a bit of a pain, of course because you have to enter the special characters "@" and ".", but you only have to do it once.

Finally Sending

Now all you have to do is send a new "Multimedia" message to the email contact.

After you type the text of the message, click on "Options" and select "Insert" and then "Graphic". Small thumbnail pics of your photos will slowly (and I mean slowly) appear on the screen.

Use the circular buttons on the keypad to navigate to the photo you want.

Once you've selected the photo, you can send the message.

One unit will be deducted for sending a picture message, and you will probbly use up another unit of airtime while sending the message.

Still it's a good to have when you don't have another camera around, and the price is right, too. You can get a LG 225 phone for $19.99. This includes double minutes on all airtime purchases, and you get an extra 60 minute airtime card (which normally costs $20) that is worth 120 minutes on this phone. (Note: You can now get a Samsung 245g or LG 440g instead).