Looking for an emergency phone

by Michael
(South Attleboro, MA USA)

I had one the STI mobile phones from Cumberland Farms about 12 years ago. we made about 10 to 15 minutes of calls per month. The cards cost $20.00 and we had to buy one every 3 months to avoid the re-activation fee.

I qualified for the absolutely free Safe Link phone which I got and let the STI phone go inactive. When my wife began collecting Social Security our household income put us above the qualification level for SafeLink.

I am now looking for the cheapest cell phone which I can get and make probably less than an hour per month of calls on. Texting might be a plus but internet service I would not consider to be important.

I had considered Tracfone a while back and it seemed to be just a little more then the $10.00 3 months minimum. It was $10 for 2 months minimum.

I did not see any minimums on the plans so I will have to go back to see if they are something that I can figure out.

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Jul 11, 2020
the best low cost deal in the USA
by: Harry B

i have a perfect solution for you as i too am on a fixed income. i have had a few cell phone providers so good some bad ranging from 15.00 to 45.00 p m
so i am pleased to share my great find.
on ebay i found sisters mobile . they offer a good range of very inexpensive phones . as i have many old phones mainly flip phones i only needed minutes . i bought their 60.00 per yr program
That is 5.00 per month which allows 200 minutes
and 200 plus texts PER MONTH. they use Sprint
the customer service Mon-Fri always great
you can type in sister mobile through your search engine Bing google ect you will find sister mobile
that should end your search and you will be a happy camper as i am good luck Harry

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