Love it love it love it


It is my first cell phone unless you count the ancient clunker back in the 1990's. This is wonderful, easy to use and light, feels nice in my pocket. Double minutes for life is great, a big selling point.

I like everything about the phone so far, have had it a week or so and I text and call everyone much more just because I can. Really keeps me in touch with family and I love that. I ruled out phones with contracts, I dislike how those companies offer great deals to their new customers but existing customers are stuck with whatever they signed up for.

Things are getting cheaper and better, don't want to be locked into expensive plans. Tracfone is simple and since I set it up to add minutes directly via credit card, I will never be without minutes when I need them. I'm still learning the subtleties of the phone but it is pretty easy even for an oldie like me who has no gizmo sense. The instruction book was useless but fortunately it was also pretty much unnecessary.

I give this W376g very high marks for sound quality, and I have a notable hearing deficit so that was important in my choice of phone.

So far there has been good service everywhere I've been except the mall but mall workers told me that NO phones work there. A dead zone, a void, as I have always thought malls to be.... to be avoided.

Anyway, just my two cents worth, I think this is a great deal, inexpensive, good coverage, good plan, good features, what more could one possibly ask of a phone? Maybe if it did the dishes....

Love it while traveling

by Sandy
(Stone Lake, WI, U.S.A.)

My husband & I travel 5 months out of the year and run our northern WI resort the other 7 months. While up north in the summer, we seldom use our cell phone, however, while traveling, it's our lifeline. We forward our calls to our cell phone during the winter months. We love it!

Great phone for the novice or technologically challenged

by sam
(brockton, ma)

My husband and I both own this model and have been very happy with it. It is extremely easy to use especially if you are not up to par with technology. The menus are easy to use, buttons are not too small, displays are clear and concise, camera takes good pix,and most of all, we have always had service and clear reception, even when we traveled out of state!

This is a great phone, but are disappointed that TracFone no longer offers this phone in our area code and had to purchase a different model (other than Motorola) when we were looking to purchase an additional phone.

I would highly recommend this phone if it is available in your area. We Love this model!

Got it to keep in touch with aging mother

by J. Owens

I had never felt the the need or the desire for a cell phone, but my situation has lately warranted it as I care for my aging mother. I got mine for Christmas and was activated for me. Consequently I didn't receive all the operating instructions and was a little intimidated at first.

I have to say, the basic operation is pretty much self explanatory after you play around with it a little. Setting up voice mail was pretty easy also. I highly recommend it to those like me who needs this technology but don't want to take the leap.

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