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Nokia 1661 text message

Nokia 1661 text message

Is there a way to see when a text message was received/sent?


Yes, it's easy to see this information. The reason you don't think it's there at first is because you have to scroll with the up/down navigation keys to see the rest of the message information. This is the case even if the message is really short.

For example I've shown a few screenshots of the info available for a short message I sent to the Nokia 1661 from my Tracfone (identified in the contacts as such). On the first screen is my message, which is just "Hi There." Then I hit the down key and get the sender information. I hit the down key again to get the message center number (which is really not that useful). Finally the last screen shows the time and date the message was received. To get to this screen faster, you can use the navigation up key after you read the message.

sb (admin)

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