My first cell phone...

by Bill
(South Jersey)

Firstly, Thank You for reviewing and giving some instructions about how to use this specific phone.

The "Services Guide" that came with the phone was only helpful with basic instructions.

I was disappointed that Tracfone didn't have any pages dedicated to this (or apparently any other particular) phone, but i was able to find a Mfr's User's Manual.pdf (of sorts) for this phone. That was a big help.

And i feel it would have been helpful to neophytes like myself if that User's Manual wasn't buried so deeply on their website It was apparently part of some blog.

Otherwise I'm currently happy with both Tracfone and the Samsung T105G, and I've got a lot to learn about it.

So, if anyone reads this, I only have one issue to resolve: As I plan to simply keep this phone in my car for emergencies, I'm not sure whether, as advised on this webpage, to 'charge the phone and then remove the battery so that it doesn't slowly drain while in the phone' Will it work in an emergency without a battery in it? or keep the battery in it and charge it regularly (monthly)?

Anybody have any ideas?

Thank you very much.

I Hate Cell Phones (but I need them)!

by Dennis T
(El Mirage AZ)

I really do hate cell phones. However, there are times when my business does better with it available. I do not intend to use the cell much and I do not need most features(just talk and text). So I selected the Samsung T105G from Walmart. It is the cheapest cell phone for low use.

The best things about this phone are: Low Cost, good standby/talk time, good area coverage and it's size/weight.

The bonus pack includes everything you need except minutes. Double Minutes For Life sounds great. Walmart helped me set it up (activate and install minutes. Out the door was $30 plus tax. I got the bonus pack plus a 60 minute card(120 minutes).

That works out to 130 minutes (120 from the card + 10 included with the phone), 150 days (3 months with the card + 2 months included with the phone).

I'm happy so far.

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