Mysterious dropped calls

by PSF
(Penna. )

I bought the Samsung T201g as it was a smaller compact phone. Ever since I have had nothing but problems. First, Net10 disabled phone (no reason given) and had to go through h*ll to get it reactivated and keep my unlimited. Then again, they disabled it, no reason only that my phone showed no number? But I was using it for over a month.

The most important, is when I make a call I have full bars, when the call connects, to the other party, the bars drop down to 3, 2, 1 then I get disconnected. As soon as I get disconnected it shows full bars again. Net10 has no idea why it does this. I have the LG600 with no problems. A little larger phone, but at least no dropped calls.

Weak speakerphone

by Lou

The service quality and coverage is excellent; the T201g phone is great...buttons are large enough to text with, the screen is large and bright, but the speakerphone appears to be weak, almost non-existent. Maybe I am not doing it right. Does anyone have the steps to use to get the speakerphone to work? Thanks.

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