Net10 LG600g

Deciding Between Net10 and Tracfone Versions

The Net10 LG600g offers a decent flip phone with camera and Bluetooth that's compatible with both Net10's pay as you go service and unlimited service.

10 cents or less per minute

You can use this with the pay as you go plan which costs as little as $15 a month. With the pay as you go plan, you get a rate of 10 cents or less per minute for all your airtime. Even with the pay as you go plan, you have the option to sign up for auto-refill.

Auto Refill Options

When you get a Net10 LG600g cell phone you can sign up for the Easy Minutes plan which lets you spend either $15, $30 a month for 200 or 500 minutes a month.

You can also opt for the $25 a month 30 day plan to get 750 minutes! There's also an unlimited plan.

The similar Tracfone Value plans offer cost about $10, $20, or $30 a month for 50, 125 or 200 minutes a month on regular Tracfones. However, the LG 600 is one of the double minute phones so those minutes double to 100, 250 or 400 minutes a month, making the effective rate ten cents or less per minute.

So the choice here is really about how many minutes a month will you use. If your use is closer to 200,or 500 minutes a month, you’re better off getting the Net10 LG 600 phone. On the other hand if you usage falls more along the 100, 250 or 400 minutes a month chunks, then you are better off with the Tracfone version. It’s actually a little weird trying to figure this out:

100 Minutes per month – Go with Tracfone 200 Minutes per month – Go with Net10 250 Minutes per month – Go with Tracfone 400+ Minutes per month – Go with Net10

750 minutes per month - Go with Net10

1000 minutes per month - Option # 3:

A Third Option: Straight Talk

There is a service called Straight Talk, also from Tracfone, which offers your 1000 minutes and 1000 messages for $30 every 30 days. So if you consistently use more than 750 minutes a month, you should now consider a Straight Talk phone.

Now the LG 600g isn't actually available as a Straight Talk phone, but you can get the LG620g slider phone.

Back to the comparison:

Same Customer Service

Since these phone services are basically offered by the same company, their customer service is pretty much the same. I’ve found the customer service reps mostly friendly and hard-working. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s an enjoyable experience to call them when your phone isn’t working the way you expect.

Usually, everything is fine, and when you want something extra, you can . . .

Download the Same Stuff

You can basically download the same set of ringtones, games and graphics from both versions of the phone. I’m personally happy to play the included Sudoku game on both my Net10 and Tracfone handsets. It definitely helps me pass the time when stuck somewhere.

Same Manual

Download the Net10 LG600g manual here.