Downloading Net10 Ringtones

From Web to Phone

You can download Net10 ringtones onto your phone after choosing one from Net10’s website. You can also do it directly from your phone, but you don’t want to do that because you’ll ending wasting some of your airtime while you choose which ringtone you want.

Need Serial Number

When you go to the website, you have to enter both the serial number and phone number of your Net10 phone. This was somewhat surprising because you only need one of those two when you’re buying airtime. You can find the serial number of your phone by going to the “Prepaid” menu with the dollar sign symbol.

Web Browser Tip

To preview the ringtones on a Windows computer, you can use the Internet Explorer web browser. If you use Firefox or another browser, you may need to install the Windows Media plugin before you can hear the tones.

Choosing the Net10 Ringtone

Once you’ve entered your information, you can browse through the selections and play a few tracks to see which one you’ve like. When I checked (June 2010) they were featuring a lot of Justin Bieber ringtones. As you can see in the video above, I chose the Pink Panther theme song. I don’t always like to answer the phone, and I thought this would put me in a pleasantly curious mood. To each his or her own!

How to Pay

Once you’ve chosen your ringtone, you can choose to pay with a credit card or have minutes deducted. I recommend using your airtime minutes. These minutes will only get deducted once you’ve successfully downloaded the ringtone onto your phone. In my case, the ringtone cost about thirty minutes which is about three dollars worth.

Note: It works the same way with downloading Tracfone ringtones.

Downloading to the Phone

Once your agree, a push message is sent to your phone. You select “Go” on the phone to download the ringtone, which takes about a minute in an area with good reception.

The ringtone is downloaded to the MyFolder -> Music section of your phone. You just have to select it and choose Options -> Set as ringtone, and you’re all set!

Go here to download Net10 ringtones.