Net10 Samsung T201g Review

Basic Prepaid Flip Phone

The Net10 Samsung T201g is the second basic Net10 flip phone that I do not recommend. (But see the T201g guest reviews below for different opinions.) Like the LG 400, it is lacking in a few features.

The main indicator that this is a low-end phone is the . . .

Small Phonebook

The T201g's Phonebook only allows about 100 entries. Now the size of the phone book is usually not a big deal. Few people are going to enter 1000 names into their phone which you can with some of the newer phones. Still, the size of the phone book has generally been going up with each generation of phones, so it's a little disconcerting to find a new one with only a 100-entry capacity.

I also criticized the LG 400 that allows 255 entries, which is a little better. Still there are advantages the T201g has over the LG 400, which include the ability to . . . .

Buy and Download Ringtones, Graphics, etc.

Yes, you can buy and download ringtones and graphics from Net10's website. The phone comes with about 15 polyphonic ringtones which may or may not be to your liking.

Cost of Ringtones

Getting a ringtone has two costs; the cost of the ringtone and the cost of the airtime to download it via mobile web access.

Mobile Web Access

One minute of mobile access uses up one minute of airtime.

So if you're willing to pay for it, you can download News, the Weather, Sports etc. Usually this information is ubiquitous and free if you have access to Cable TV or the Internet at work or home.

Screen Size

It looks like the Samsung T201g's screen is a little bigger than the LG400's. That means certain things like reading and sending text messages may be a little more convenient.

Talking and Texting

Still it's a Net10 phone which means that talking and texting and cost the same as on all the other phones.

OK Hearing-aid Compatibility

The Net10 Samsung T201g is HAC-M3 rated, which is just passable. If you're interested in HAC, you should look for HAC-M4 rated phones.

Standard Features

Compact, Lightweight

The Samsung T201g weighs 2.98 ounces. Most feature phones these days try to come in under that 3 ounce barrier.

Battery Life

The talk time is four hours, a little low, but still more than enough. The standby time is a good 13 days, so you could leave it in your purse or backpack for a week without using it before having to recharge.

Alarm Clock, Calculator, and Stopwatch

The alarm clock is always good to have as a backup. The calculator should be a little bit easier to use with the slightly larger screen. The stopwatch is probably one of the least used features.

If you really want to know more, you can read the . . .


See the Net10 Samsung T201g manual(pdf) here.

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