Nokia 6350 GoPhone Review

The Nokia 6350 GoPhone users reported lots of problems. These problems are detailed in AT&T customer reviews and the Nokia discussion forums. It’s a shame, because the phone has a lot of good features.


2 Megapixel Camera

The 2.0 megapixel camera on this phone should be capable of taking some pretty nice pictures. You can transfer these photos either via Bluetooth or with the USB cable. (The images are normally too large to send them via picture message.) The camera should be straightforward to use, but a couple of people have reported some problems getting clear pictures.

Still, I would think that this is a pretty reliable feature. Since the Nokia 6350 is a flip-style camera phone, it is a little harder to hold in a stable position than a brick-style phone when you take a picture, so you have to be a little careful anyway.

Music Player

You can play your music on this phone. You can use either a stereo Bluetooth headset and a wired one. If you do use a wired headset, you will need one that uses the smaller 2.5 mm plug. Make sure that it’s a compatible stereo headset otherwise the sound may only appear on one side.


Naturally, this phone has Bluetooth, version 2.1 in this case, so it should be pretty fast to transfer photos and music.

3G Speeds

This phone can use the AT&T’s 3G network. Not all areas have 3G coverage, but you can still use AT&T’s Edge (indicated by an “E”) network instead.

So that’s a pretty good feature set in a fairly nice-looking red body.

Reported Problems

There have been numerous problems reported by users of both the contract and prepaid Nokia 6350. The shortest and perhaps most damning user comment reports the issues as “battery life, freezes, software bugs, power button stopped working, doesn't always ring, mp3 player starts on its own” with the only good being that it is easy to use.

Battery and Battery Life

Overall, the most frequently reported problems seem to be with the battery life and battery. Part of the problem with battery life may simply be due to the 3G and GPS settings which draw more power and can be disabled if you just using the phone for talking and texting.

Other Glitches

In addition various other glitches have caused users to return their phones multiple times. Many of these users are particularly annoyed because they have always considered Nokia phones, if not always the most advanced, to always be reliable.

What to Get?

At this point, it’s probably not worth going into all this about the Nokia 6350 GoPhone in too much detail. You’re probably better off getting another handset such as the LG Prime, which does get good reviews.