Not happy with it

by hijoesan

The display went bad, got another phone, same model number, but SIM card is "Incompatible" !
All my contacts are lost!

Not happy with reception and photos

by Darrel
(Healdsburg, CA)

I got this phone to replace my Motorola flip phone, which I had for 3 years. This is by far the worst phone that I ever owned. The reception was terrible and it would often drop calls, even with a rare strong signal. The camera pics were often out of focus and poor resolution. I ended up going back to my old phone because of these problems. On the plus side the menus were very intuitive and user friendly.

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Mar 17, 2011
So not worth it in my case
by: Anonymous

My old T301g took a dump. Wouldn't turn on but it would blink at me until I was tempted to throw it out the window. Got a new one, same model and it took over 1 week to get it activated. The "transfer" number was done in over 70 hours! Getting my minutes and service transferred over took an unbelieveable amount of time. I have zero luck with TracFones, this is my #13 phone in about 6 years. Since my other phone won't turn on customer service tells me there is nothing they can do to get my SIM card working in the new phone. I have the max ringtones the phone will store, I've lost 30 some contacts and numerous photos of my kids and niece that I can't get back nor am I going to be compensated for anything... It's their fault that I can't get anything off the old phone because cust. serv. waited too long to do anything for me.

Dec 15, 2009
Have you tried this?
by: admin


It is a pain that Tracfone ties the SIM card to the phone. One experience I had does indicate that they might be a fix.

A while back, I bought a refurbished Tracfone which came with a new SIM card. I was unable to activate it online, and also had unable to activate it by phone with customer support.

It turned out that the SIM card number (not the Serial number of the phone) registered in their system didn't match the number of the SIM card in their phone. Since it was a refurbished phone, the system probably had not been updated. After Tracfone updated the SIM card number in their system, I was able to activate the phone.

So I suggest calling Tracfone and asking if they can associate your old SIM card with the new T301g. You'll have to decide if it's risking spending the time with support compared to just manually transferring your contacts, but I would love to know if this is possible.

In my case, while going through the possibilities, I had to completely reset the phone and lose all the info. I didn't care because I had bought it for testing.

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