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by Mark

I used up 30 precious prepaid minutes downloading & installing the Opera Mini browser, but when I launch it all I get is the arrows at the bottom and a blank white screen. I was hoping for a better browsing performance than the clunky browser that comes with the phone. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi Mark,

You can try the PicoWeb app. You are supposed to download it via your phone, but, if you use the Firefox web browser, you my abe able to download it to your computer first by installing the WML browser Firefox plugin and then transfer the files to your phone via USB cable or Bluetooth. This should save you some airtime costs.

Pico Wireless states that the LG 800g is supported. I found out about the company through another contributor who installed the PicoMail on his LG 500g.

Hope this helps.

sb (admin)

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Dec 05, 2012
Yes to memory card.
by: sb (admin)

That's alright, it was all new to me as well not so long ago. Yes, you do need a microsd memory card to transfer stuff to your phone via USB cable. The memory card shows up as an additional drive when you connect the phone via the cable. The phone's internal memory is not accessible from your PC.

Another option is via a wireless Bluetooth connection if your PC has Bluetooth capability or a Bluetooth adapter.

Dec 05, 2012
by: Mark

At the moment, I can't transfer anything via USB cable, because my computer won't detect my LG 800g. Is this because I first need to install a micro SD card? This is my first feature phone, so I'm a total newbie with this stuff. All the websites seem to assume a level of experience that I just don't have.

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