Read 4GB MicroSD Card?

by Walter Briggs

It's been my experience a card larger than 2gb will not load from my card reader. Am I the only one? I'd REALLY like to go upwards in storage, yet still download from the card.

Hi Walter,

The LG 900g can use memory cards up to 4GB in size. Your card reader should be able to read these unless it's an older model. In that case you can get a new one or check with the manufacturer to see if there's a firmware update for your current reader which will allow it to read the larger size card.

Hope this helps.

sb (admin)

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Nov 26, 2011
Read 4GB MicroSD Card in LG 900g?
by: Anonymous

I recently purchased 2 LG900G phones ... i currently have an 8gb MicroSD Card installed, and one phone reads the card with no problems (its a little slow, but thats it). The other phone though, shuts off when you try to access music through the multimedia button. But can be accessed and played through the memory card option.

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