Refurbished GoPhones - Cheap Smartphones

Refurbished Gophones are a great way to get a full-featured phone at a low price without signing a long-term contract. Note: Their term for refurbished is: "Certified Like New".


Refurbished handsets carry a 90-day manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase.

AT&T Warranty Claims Number

For AT&T warranty claims after the first 30 days you can call 1-800-801-1101.

Current Handsets

Quick Find

gophone like new

The easiest way to find deals on their refurbished phones, is to simple go their list of Gophones. On the left column there will be a radio button you can select that says "Certified Like New" and that will show you just those handsets. You can then also arrange the list by price from high to low or low to high.

Updated List: 1/17/2016

Here are the current refurbished handsets available. Most are smartphones except for one flip phone.

  • HTC Desire 610 ($84.99)
  • Microsoft Lumia 640 ($50.99)
  • Motorola Moto e ($50.99)
  • ZTE Maven (33.99)
  • AT&T Z222 flip phone ($9.99)

Refurbished Package

I've ordered a couple of refurbished phones from AT&T in the past like the Nokia 2330 and Nokia 2720 to review for this site. The only difference is that the refurbished phones don't come in a plastic blister pack and are therefore easier to open. I did not detect any physical difference in the phones themselves.