Retrieving Old Voicemails

by Joe
(Vermilion OH USA)

Brother passed away. I am trying to retrieve old voicemail of him. And I can not find it. I know I did not delete it. How can i get it back? Thanks

Hi Joe,

My condolences.

The messages are stored on the network providers voicemail system and not on the phone itself. Whether those messages are still there depends on their policy for how long they keep them. If your phone is the LG440G, then you may be on the AT&T network (T-Mobile is the other possibility). I looked on AT&T's community forum, and on "Basic" voicemail, they only store messages for 14 days. There is another level where they store messages for up to one and a half years.

If the phone is still active, I would try calling the voicemail and going to the additional options in the menu and see if there are any saved voicemails. If there are, I think you can forward the messages to another number.

Sorry I can't be of more help. Perhaps someone else can help us out.


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