Samsung Indulge: great phone and plan

by george

Here's my review for MetroPCS. I have their Samsung Indulge. It is a great phone. Although I paid 300 dollars for it, I think it's worth every dime. I compared a lot of prepaid and contract plan companies, and this company in the end had it all: good phones and excellent service.

I do a lot of traveling, and I haven't had any spots where I didn't receive service. Their 50 dollar unlimited plan is great especially when I don't have to pay extra for data usage. I compared it to the AT&T plan which I would have to have paid 90 dollars a month. I mention AT&T because it was the least expensive plan that any of the contract companies had.

The only complaint I have is their customer service. I have had questions in the past and their answers have been lacking. For 50 dollars a month unlimited, a great phone and great service, I can live with it.

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