Samsung Jitterbug Accessories

There are a few Samsung Jitterbug accessories for the Jitterbug cell phones and other GreatCall devices. In addition to the usual battery charger, there are charging cradles, there are two kinds of phone cases, Bluetooth headsets, lanyards and more.

It is simple to order directly from Jitterbug's website. They can send it to you directly, and you don’t have the hassle of dealing with the salesman at an electronics store who is more used to selling gadgets to teenagers or college.

Jitterbug Headsets

Bluetooth Headset

You can use a Bluetooth headset with all currently offered phones from GreatCall.

Currently they offer the Samsung HM1300 premium Bluetooth headset for the Jitterbug Smart, Jitterbug Touch3, Jitterbug Flip and Jitterbug5 phones. While you can use almost any Bluetooth headset the one available directly from GreatCall has been designed for offering the best voice quality using things like echo cancellation and noise reduction. After all, if you get a quality Jitterbug phone you want to combine that with a high quality headset. The headset costs $49.99.

Regular Headset

Greatcall used to offer a regular wired headset with the original Jitterbug and Jitterbug J phones. If you want, you can get a standard set of stereo earbuds or headphones from any  store or website, and it should work.

Jitterbug Chargers and Charging Cradles

Your phone usually comes with two accessories - the regular wall charger, and the car charger that’s currently included if you order online.

A charging cradle or charging dock is available for the following models:

  • Jitterbug Flip
  • Jitterbug5
  • Lively Mobile
  • Splash

Note that the cradles and docks are specific to each model.

Both are fairly standard. Note that you'll also need the right charger for your model. This shouldn't be a problem since you get one with every phone you order.

Car Charger

While no longer as obviously designed for seniors, the Car Charger are still designed to be easy to use. The curved grip helps you hold on to it when you insert and remove it from the “cigarette lighter” outlet in your car.

Both chargers are included when you order the phone online, but in case the dog or cat eats one of them, an extra wall charger costs $19.99 and the car charger normally costs $24.99.


The charging process itself doesn’t take very long. The battery for their smart phones is pretty standard. However, one of the good things about Jitterbug flip phones is that because of the slightly larger size of the phone, they can include a larger, longer-lasting battery. If you don’t use your flip phone much, you really can go a week or two before you need to recharge your phone. However, I believe that it probably helps your battery life in the long run if you recharge it more often.

On the other hand, if you end up using the phone a lot, you can add an extra battery to your list of Samsung Jitterbug accessories, just in case. 

An extra battery is available for the following phones:

  • Jitterbug Touch3
  • Jitterbug Flip
  • Jitterbug5

Leather and Gel Cases

Rounding out the list of GreatCall accessories are two stylesin phone cases, gel and leather. The gel cases are available for the current smartphone, the Jitterbug Smart, while the leather holster-type cases are available for the other devices. The leather ones are a vertical style or horizontal style and available for some models.

The horizontal phone case looks more like a sun glass holder which looks a little more stylish. It is also leather and cost the same at $19.99

sporty lanyard for jitterbug phone

Sporty Lanyard

If you don’t want to keep the phone in a case at all, you can attach a lanyard to it and put it around your neck.

This new lanyard is designed to have a more sporty look in comparison to the previous beaded lanyard which was made of translucent (red or white) beads. That one also looked cool, but the new one is more useful for taking it with you to various activities.

So even in phone cases and holders you have a nice choice of Samsung Jitterbug accessories.