Satisfied with Unlimited plan on LG 320g

by Sean Harris
(North Carolina)

I bought the LG320G, which was the least expensive phone Net10 supported at the time since I was only looking for calling & texting capability. For the most part I am satisfied with both the phone and Net10 service. That said, however, I must report that there have been numerous times I had to get customer assistance adding minutes (just using the phone's interface failed when I entered my prepaid card number).

That really has been a minimal problem, but it seemed it always happened at a time when I really couldn't spare the time to handle it.

I almost exclusively buy the $50 unlimited month cards. I wish Net10 would consider adding a less expensive unlimited monthly plan for those customers that genuinely only want voice & text, since the $50 card also allows web access. My LG320G doesn't even have that capability. It seems somehow unfair that I'm paying the same price as someone who gets web access which I don't even want on this phone.

In summary, though, I am, all-in-all, a satisfied customer and would recommend Net10 if asked.

Hi Sean,

Thanks for your comments. I've never had trouble adding airtime, but I'm still on the 10 cents per minute pay as you go plan though I'm thinking of switching to the $25 750-minute 30 day plan.

sb (admin)

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