Shuts down every few hours

I just received my Tracfone LG420g several days ago. I was able to activate it, but it has been turning itself off every few hours, even with a fully charged battery. I can't restart the phone unless I remove the battery and reinstall it. The phone restarts fine after that, but shuts off again in a few hours.

Is this a known defect with the LG420g? Is there anything I can do, other than contact Tracfone (which I did)? The response I received was "keep an eye on it for the next 24 hours." Well, the phone shut off itself in less than 6 hours! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


I don't have this problem with mine. Although it's not my everyday phone, I keep mine turned on and mainly on standby until it needs recharging - which isn't needed for several days.

On this site, I think there's been one report of the battery draining because the screen stays on, but that isn't your problem since you say your battery is charged and yet it turns off.

I did a quick search and found that this Howard forum post on this topic.

So, while it's not a common problem, it looks like it has been known to happen. If it continues, I would ask Tracfone to replace it.

sb (admin)

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