Side Button Accidentally Locks Phone

by Judy
(Laurel, MD, USA)

My Dad has this phone - he finds that he is continually pressing the lock/unlock side button while holding the phone. The button is placed exactly where a user would typically hold it.
Is there any way to not have the phone automatically lock all the time?

Hi Judy,

Unfortunately, no. I don't think there's a way to disable that side key that locks the phone. You can look into the Just5 phone. That phone has a slide to lock/unlock on the side, which probably is harder to set off accidentally, though I haven't tested it myself. That phone is compatible with the Red Pocket and should also be compatible with the Platinumtel or T-Mobile plans with the appropriate SIM card.

Other options include the Doro 618 phone from Consumer Cellular and the Jitterbug Plus phone from GreatCall.

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